Result 2.3: The capacity of the inspectors and authorized veterinarians to enforce the legislation on the field (training) is strengthened.
The Animal Resource Department (ARD) is divided into four Services: the Service of Animal Health, the Service of Import/Export and Animal Quarantine, the Service of Animal Production and Husbandry, and the Service of Economy, Processing and Marketing. At the regional level, the ARD is represented by seven Animal Resources Departments that deploy the field inspectors depending on their field of competence. Regional ARD Departments are supervised/coordinated by the respective Departments at central level (Ministry of Agriculture). Field inspectors report to Regional ARD and regional ARD report to the central ones on regular basis. Authorized veterinarians are contracted by Ministry of Agriculture for the implementation of control and eradication programs of certain diseases and for animal identification. They report directly to the Regional ARD (Animal Health).
Indicative activities:
2.3.1 Perform training needs assessment;
2.3.2 Preparation of a training programme with the help of the Twinning experts and long term strategy for each category of inspectors and ARD management staff;
2.3.3 Training inspectors, ARD management staff and authorized veterinarians to enhance their capacity to enforce related legislation (official control in the field of animal health, food safety, feed safety and veterinary public health). Deliver the trainings in selected areas including but not limited to:
• Official control of animal origin food including primary production, processing and market/retail;
• Official control of imported animal origin food, products and live animals;
• Official control of feed;
• Risk categorization of food business operators and frequencies for the official control;
• Sampling of food of animal origin and feed;
• Implementation of sampling plan in the internal market and at BIP;
• Animal health controls and sampling.
2.3.4 Organize Six study visits at maximum for MoA - ARD management staff and inspectors to EU countries to acquire information about the arrangements in place for the management of safety of food, feed animal health a veterinary public health.
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