Result 2.2: Guidelines, manuals and Standard Operating Procedures for control of live animals and products, animal origin food and feed at all stages including primary production, processing, import, export, and internal market are developed.
Indicative activities:
2.2.1 Assessment of existing Standard Operating Procedures, check lists and guidelines used by veterinary services and preparation of gap analysis;
2.2.2 Preparation of missing Standard Operating Procedures and check lists and/or updating of the existing ones in accordance with international standards. The prepared document shall include but not be limited to:
• Official control of food and feed of animal origin including primary production, processing and internal market;
• Official control of imported food of animal origin, feed, live animals and products including traceability of their movements;
• Risk categorization of food / feed business operators and frequencies for the official control;
• Sampling of animal origin food and feed: collection and handling;
• Animal health controls and sampling (collection and handling).
2.2.3 Train the inspectors in the use of the check lists and other manuals prepared (this activity may be included under training component)
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