Result 2.1: Proposal for reorganization of the Veterinary services at the Ministry of Agriculture and other veterinary bodies is drafted and approved by Ministry of Agriculture.
Indicative expected sub-results:
2.1.1 Assessment of the current institutional set up, mandate, and interaction with authorized entities, preparation of gap analysis and proposed corrective actions;
STEs undertake an assessment and an inventory of the ARD missions, functions and tasks. In addition, a country profile is prepared including a description of the organization of animal health, food and feed controls.

Mission 01 - 28 January 2019 –01 February 2019
STEs: Dr. Claude LE QUERE – Dr. Pasquale SIMONETTI

Mission 02 - 25 February 2019 –28 February 2019
STEs: Dr. Claude LE QUERE – Dr. Pasquale SIMONETTI

Mission 03 - 08 April 2019 – 10 April 2019
STEs : Dr. Claude LE QUERE – Dr. Xavier RAVAUX

The STEs carried out an exchange of findings with the legislation component with a view to making the improvement
proposals more coherent. The meeting with the administrative department allowed collecting additional information
on the recruitment procedures of the civil servants.
2.1.2 Preparation of draft proposal for the reorganization of the veterinary services including procedures for communication/coordination with authorized entities such as Veterinary Syndicate or authorized veterinarians and necessary resources. This activity shall be carried out in cooperation with relevant MoA - ARD staff and for this purpose a dedicated Working Group (WG) shall be nominated;

Mission 01 - 11 September 2019 –13 September 2019
STE: Dr. Francis GEIGER

The Expert provided some recommendations to reorganize the ARD after holding a working group with the 4 Heads of Service.
2.1.3 Preparation of Country profile that includes the description of the system in place to implement animal health controls, food and feed safety controls;
2.1.4 Preparation of food safety strategy for the MoA-ARD. For this purpose the project experts will work in close cooperation with beneficiaries and relevant Institutions and a dedicated working group shall be created.

Short term Experts - Mission 1

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