Result 2.1: Proposal for reorganization of the Veterinary services at the Ministry of Agriculture and other veterinary bodies is drafted and approved by Ministry of Agriculture.
Indicative expected sub-results:
2.1.1 Assessment of the current institutional set up, mandate, and interaction with authorized entities, preparation of gap analysis and proposed corrective actions;
STEs undertake an assessment and an inventory of the ARD missions, functions and tasks. In addition, a country profile is prepared including a description of the organization of animal health, food and feed controls.

Mission 01 - 28 January 2019 –01 February 2019
STEs: Dr. Claude LE QUERE – Dr. Pasquale SIMONETTI

Mission 02 - 25 February 2019 –28 February 2019
STEs: Dr. Claude LE QUERE – Dr. Pasquale SIMONETTI

Mission 03 - 08 April 2019 – 10 April 2019
STEs : Dr. Claude LE QUERE – Dr. Xavier RAVAUX
2.1.2 Preparation of draft proposal for the reorganization of the veterinary services including procedures for communication/coordination with authorized entities such as Veterinary Syndicate or authorized veterinarians and necessary resources. This activity shall be carried out in cooperation with relevant MoA - ARD staff and for this purpose a dedicated Working Group (WG) shall be nominated;
2.1.3 Preparation of Country profile that includes the description of the system in place to implement animal health controls, food and feed safety controls;
2.1.4 Preparation of food safety strategy for the MoA-ARD. For this purpose the project experts will work in close cooperation with beneficiaries and relevant Institutions and a dedicated working group shall be created.

Short term Experts - Mission 1

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