Result 2.10: HACCP principles are introduced and disseminated among MoA-ARD inspectors and selected operators.
Indicative activities:
2.10.1 Preparation of specific manuals for the development and assessment of pre-requisites and HACCP systems for ARD inspectors and authorized veterinarians. This activity may be covered under the result 2.2. (Preparation of guidelines and procedures);
2.10.2 Provide training to inspectors on development and assessment of HACCP systems;
2.10.3 Provide support to the private sector in developing of national guides on Good Hygiene Practices and HACCP for small and medium enterprises (feed, dairy, honey and meat processing). For this purposes target producers shall be identified with the support of MoA-ARD and chamber of commerce.
2.10.4 Provide training to selected FBOs on HACCP systems development and implementation.
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