Mission 0.2: Monday 20 May 2019 – Tuesday 21 May 2019

*Objectives of the mission*
-European experts involved during assessment phase came to Beirut to make a presentation to the BCPL and his relevant team in order to present a global overview of the assessment phase carried out and a proposal action plan.

-The aim was to discuss with the BCPL and his team in order to define the actions that the Beneficiary considers as priorities and wishes to develop during the twinning project.

-The coordination mission for a working group regrouping one STE from activities 1.1, 2.1, 2.6, 2.7 and 2.11 involved in the assessment missions involved the European Experts: *Dr. Xavier RAVAUX *and Dr. Claude LE QUERE with the ARD working group who participated to this mission: Dr. Elias IBRAHIM, Dr. Ali EL ROMEH, Eng. Ave EL KHOURY, Eng. Salim EL MASRI, Dr. Yehya KHATTAR, Eng. Georges FREIM, Eng. Abir SIRAWAN, Eng. Jihane RAHME, Dr. Alain EL-RAMI, Dr. Maysaa DABAJA, Dr. Riham BASSAM.

-The purpose of this mission was be to elaborate a transversal action plan considering several gap analysis prepared during the assessment phase.

-This action plan should be validated by the BCPL in order to prepare the future rolling work plans according to its requirements and recommendations.

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