European Union


Food safety in the EU

Ensuring safe food from farm to fork
Health protection is the aim of all EU laws and standards in the agriculture, animal husbandry and food production sectors. An extensive body of EU-wide law covers the entire food production and processing chain within the EU, as well as imported and exported goods.

Health and food safety - EU import requirements for food of animal origin

The EU Delegation to Lebanon

The EU is composed of 28 individual Member States and the EU Delegation works closely with all of the 25 Member States that are accredited to Lebanon.

Following the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty on 1 December 2009, the EU has set up a unified diplomatic service called the European External Action Service (EEAS). EU Delegations are part of the EEAS. The EU Delegation now represents the European Union as a whole, with the Head of Delegation or Ambassador accredited as the official representative of the EU.

The EU Delegation functions much like an embassy and represents the EU in its dealings with political issues, trade, development, cooperation, etc. Consular protection of EU citizens is provided by individual Member States Embassies and their Consulates.
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